Skygear v0.21.0

Version 0.21.0 of Skygear is released in January 2017. Various update for the Server and SDKs. You can find more information on updates to the Skygear server, Android SDK, iOS SDK, JS SDK, and Clode Code in each section below.

Major Features

Skygear Server

  • Support token based APNS (#239)

Android SDK

  •     Provide package name when register device (SkygearIO/skygear-server#239)
    • Send package name as topic parameter when registering device, it will help cloud code to send push notification to segment of device.



  • Call includeme in index.js for user cloud code
    • Add support for LOAD_MODULES and includeme (#155)
  • Accept bundle name when register device (SkygearIO/skygear-server#239)

Cloud Code

Bug Fixes


  • Fix unable to start when LOAD_MODULES is not set
    • This happens because when LOAD_MODULES is not set the parsed module list will be an array with an empty string. This causes configModule to be called with an empty string.

Other Notes

You can download the Runnable binaries for Skygear Server here.

Have fun with the new release and let us know if you have any feedback or questions in our GitHub Issue.

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