Skygear v0.20.0

We’ve released version 0.20.0 of Skygear. Various update for the Server and SDKs. You can find more information in each section below.

Major Features

  • Support s3 asset store url prefix (#254)
  • Support unregister device (#249)
  • Add configuration for timeout of plugin
  • Provide skygear config for plugin init events

Bug Fixes

  • Fix postgis-2.3 not found

Other Notes

  • More log when plugin response is invalid (#232)
  • Put access_key_type to plugin request context (#238)
  • Limit the number of bytes in request logThe existing implementation prints the response body for certain type
    this pose a problem to log collection when the response body is too big.
  • Better handling for unrecognized data type (#231)This is achieved by introducing a new skydb type called Unknown, which
    will be passed to client when the server sees a column with an
    unrecognized data type.Previous behavior will result in Skygear server throwing an error when
    it sees a column with unrecognized data type.


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